Why Do I Need to Book My Spring Break Trip NOW

Why I Need to Book My Spring Break Trip NOW

"Why do I want to book my spring break trip now", you ask? We know. It's an understandable question. Christmas just happened, New Years is literally a couple of days away. Why would you think about planning your Spring Break trip while the chill is in the air where you are, there may be snow as well, and the ski slopes are just getting started in their season? You might have a legitimate question...BUT-

In reality if you are thinking it's too early to be planning your Spring Break, you could be in for a costly surprise. Most Spring Break travel is booked in early February (approx 70%). This is problematic for most because this is when most properties raise their rates and when all of the good rooms the experienced crowd learned about last year are already taken and the good stuff is GONE. Therefore, leaving what is left over to you. Not only that, but due to the best rooms going quickly, the hotel room rates...they don't get lower, they know you are coming and they go up.

The good thing overall, is that Spring Break in Lake Havasu is not that expensive. For the most part, it's cheap! Not only that, but due to the time of year, fuel is low, the lake is warming up, food cost is low, and summer traffic does not exist yet. Furthermore, for AZ Spring Break, you don't need for a Passport! Additionally,most do not have to make expensive flight arrangements which leaves you plenty of spending cash to play with!

Rooms you can get if you book early:

Kitchen London Bridge Resort Bedroom London Bridge Resort

Rooms you end up with if you wait too long:

Let's look at the reasons Why I Need to Book My Spring Break Trip NOW.

  1. Booking early means you will save lots of money
  2. Get the pick of not only where you get accommodations, but also the type of accommodations.  For example, London Bridge Resort only has a couple of Balcony suites with full kitchens left for the 2nd week of Spring Break.  If your spring break falls in that time, you could ask for that room type.  Wait for the middle of January, not only are not going to have access to that balcony room during that week, but you will pay more for a road side hotel where your room is kissing dumpster from greasy spoon type restaurant...not near the party.
  3. You can recruit more friends for the trip.  Just by showing you have the best room and have room as well as a kitchen and separate bedrooms, and a living area, and are at where it is all going down!
  4. It's not set in stone if you purchase a package.  Reserve now and pay later.
  5. Guaranteed access to the party.  Kokomo is on site, the Bridgewater Channel is outside your room, Martini Bay is rocking it under your living room, 3 pools, TONS of activities, walk to where anything is happening within feet of you.
  6. Did we mention Saving money!

Its Spring Break, not rocket science.  First come first serve, just like a buffet. THat is Why YOU Need to Book Your Spring Break Trip NOW.  Get a 4.0 GPA (Greatest Partier Alive) and get ahead of the curve ASAP.

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