Fun at AZ Spring Break 2017

Travel Tips for Spring Break!

Getting ready to blow off some steam and get your Spring Break ON! Here are a few tips that can make your travel plans even better. Be efficient and save your time and effort. Here is a compilation of a few travel hacks to make your trip flow smoothly when you visit Lake Havasu for Spring Break.

1. Book your room and event tickets 4-6 Weeks Early
2. Pack Less. You really do not need as much as you think. Do you really need your personal hair dryer for Spring Break?
3. Browse flights privately- sites use cookies to see what you’re looking at to then, jack the prices up.
4. Bring a hoodie- it is light enough to wear on Spring Break nights and your can double it as a pillow if you need to.
5. Bring a dummy wallet fill it with a few dollars poking out and if it is stolen at least they didn’t get your real cash!
6. Spend the money for a balcony room with a view. Make an impression and have really cool memory of your Spring Break!
7. Connect through social sites, Facebook, Skype, Twitter instead of running up your roaming minutes.
8. Store your smartphone in a plastic baggy when near water or the beach
9. Take pictures of your important documents
10.Roll your clothes to pack more efficiently.
11.Be prepared for check in- double check the liquids bag and luggage weight before you go
12.Leave jewelry at home. Spring Break fun can be expensive if you lose a ring in the lake!
13.Use the free WiFi offered at cafes or travel spots.
14.Keep your empty water bottles and reuse them so you don’t have to pay for water when it gets hot on the beach.
15.Charge your phone whenever you can.
16.Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase.
17.Bring a glasses case for all of your chargers.
18.If you have to pack bulky shoes, stuff them with socks, underwear, and tanks.
19.Make sure you have an emergency contact in your wallet in case of an accident.
20.Don’t use glass near the lake or Bridgewater Channel.
21.Have fun, keep hydrated, and welcome to AZ Spring Break in Lake Havasu!

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