Girls on docks at AZ Spring Break

The Secret Spot for Your Exciting (And Safe!) Greek Spring Break

If you asked me, “What’s the secret to your perfect Sorority Spring Break?” I’d say “Lake Havasu City.”

Spring Break’s right around the corner, and I know you’re as excited as me. It’s that amazing week of the year when you and every other Greek lifer in the country goes looking for adventure.

But let’s face it. The only event that takes more planning than Spring Break is graduation. Last year, I set out to plan the perfect Spring Break for my Gamma Chi sisters. I knew I wanted our trip to be:

  • Fun
  • Exciting
  • SAFE!

That meant Cancun and PCB were out. Everyone knows about them, and everybody’s there. Don’t get me wrong, I like guys on the scene—but not when I’m drowning in them! I had to pick somewhere with a classier crowd.

Plus, I’m a big girl, but Mom and Dad still worry about me. I wanted to tell them I was doing something besides partying (even though I was definitely going to throw down).

And where to? The beach was old news.

How could I achieve the perfect balance? With AZSpringBreak.

Okay, I admit. I still picked a place that has some beach. Who doesn’t want to lay out in the sunshine before going back to study halls for finals? Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is the kind of place I could take my kid brother (when it’s not Spring Break). You can drive there in two hours from Las Vegas (a place I would not take my kid brother).
Me and my sisters never ran out of things to do there. Over the week, we…

  • Paddleboarded the Channel Lake Havasu. No sharks in these waters!! It’s all fresh. And warm. Unlike the ocean in spring. Check out
  • Worked on our tans. Turns out a lake in the Mojave Desert is just as good as the beach for getting a tan.
  • Kept up our yoga routine with some group classes.
  • Rode a RAZR through the sand. (RAZRs…fun to say and fun to ride.)
  • Watched 180+ mph boats race on Lake Havasu. (NO SPEED LIMIT!)
  • Danced all night at Kokomo Havasu, a four-floor nightclub that’s been on MTV. 
  • Drank afternoon margaritas at the Kokomo heated pool and played volleyball. 
  • Ate dinner at Martini Bay and watched the sun set over London Bridge. The London Bridge—the one from the song? Turns out they brought it to Lake Havasu when they replaced it in London.

Me and my sisters got the perfect Spring Break in Lake Havasu City. Desert adventures, beach chilling, good food and drinks, and my best girlfriends—with easy access to the crowds and easy access to be without the crowds!

I guess I have just one question left…how’re you going to spend your #AZSB?

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