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AZ SpringBreak is your ultimate source of fun this spring. Each year, thousands of college students head to Lake Havasu, Arizona, for great weather, an unbeatable party and an epic vacation.

Check out all AZ Spring Break has to offer, including:

Great prices on hotel suites
Exciting things to do
Incredible local meals
And so much more!
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About London Bridge Resort – A Top Lake Havasu Hotel
London Bridge Resort is your home for the best Spring Break trip you’ve ever had. Overlooking the world-famous London Bridge in sun-drenched Lake Havasu City, Arizona, there’s no better spot to spend your vacation.

London Bridge Resort provides comfortable suites for traveling students, three swimming pools and a Jacuzzi, Splash Pool and waterslide, on-site and nearby restaurants, and nightlife at Kokomo Havasu.

Learn more about London Bridge Resort online, or make a reservation to stay any time of year!

There are many great deals for Spring Break in Lake Havasu. It really depends on how you are traveling. If it's just you, there are some local rooms that are inexpensive. However if there are a several of you, London Bridge Resort is the best deal overall. The room all have kitchens, separate bedroom or bedrooms (depending on how many bedrooms you want), some have balconies looking over the entire spring break area, and crashing becomes a lot classier too. You are not stepping on each other.Lake Havasu as a whole, is noted as being the BEST Spring Break for the $. So overall you will not go home being Spring Broke. Also, keep coming back for updates or sign up for the newsletter to receive updates as well.
AZ Spring Break is full of daytime activities. You can look at our events pages to see a complete list of those activities and sign up for them. Many do not have a cost and those that do are very inexpensive. AZ Spring Break also has a tremendous amount of night-life during the week and during the weekend. Not to mention all of our activities are on or in the Bridgewater Channel where all the hottest activities are and the hottest night spot in the Southwest is, Kokomo!Sign up for our newsletter and be updated on new activities as we get closer and tie down more DJs, Bands, Entertainment, Games, Tournaments, Excursions, etc...yes...there is MUCH MORE TO COME!
Lake Havasu is really cool in that it always has easy and cheap transportation with our local shuttles. We also have Uber available as well. Beyond that, the vast majority of all Spring Break Activities happens on the Bridgewater Channel which is very central and easy to be at and walk to and from no matter where you are. Also, if you happen to be staying a London Bridge Resort, you are already at the party. Right on the Bridgewater Channel, Right at the London Bridge, where all of the hottest activities for both day and night are happening...If you are here for Spring Break, this is where you will be. A block from Groceries, several restaurants on site (The Grill at Martini Bay, Splash Grill, Papa Leone's Pizza), Cool Bars and Night Clubs (Kokomo, and Martini Bay), boat slips on the Channel, Gold course, etc.
We will refer you to the Boating Rules and Safety page for the City of Havasu: http://www.golakehavasu.com/activities/boating/boating_safety.aspx
Yes, we do. However we are and have limited space which is running out. Call us and we will provide you any information you need as well as provide you with other resources that might be able to help even if we cannot. Our number is at the top of the page or fill out an information request form.
You don't need a boat. There are a lot of people that do come with boats and most have their friends with them...Maybe you have a friend that has a boat and is coming? If not, no worries, they usually end up right where you are going to be anywhats and set up in a spot right on the Bridgewater Channel in front of, or right by London Bridge Resort. So get your party on and don't feel left out, you are the only one who can make you feel left out at this event!
Yes. As a matter of fact, if you visit the Events page on this website, you will see everything from Stand Up Paddleboarding in the morning to volleyball tournaments, to canoe sinking games, to golf, to excursions to the desert, and so much more. We even have yoga in the park set up for you to chill and be centered after a night of frivolity! So much to do, stay connected with us and you will have more to do than you can in one spring break visit!
When SWAT decided to not come to Havasu for 2017, there were many others that filled in the gap. Not only that, but much of Havasu was not engaged when SWAT was here. This year, its so much bigger. More DJs, more live music, more events, more of everything, and not just during the night, but during the day too! It did change, but it changed for the better for everyone. You especially.
Simple answer is they are not aggressive at all. They expect you are drinking, they expect you are having a good time. They do expect you will not drive drunk...in many cases they are known to transport inebriated Spring Breakers to their hotel from events. They are not there to keep you down, they are there to keep you safe. So jumping off of roof tops and damaging property or hurting others will create a situation for you of course, but if you having fun, enjoying the sun, and you're not creating problems, all will be cool.
Marijuana is not legal recreationally in Arizona yet. Yes, we did vote. No, it did NOT pass. A medical marijuana card is required as well as still having to keep yourself in check. See the link below to make sure you have the basic knowledge to avoid issues while at AZSpringBreak.http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona/2015/12/14/arizona-marijuana-laws-facts-myths/75481296/
We got you. The $5 Holler shuttle will take you anywhere you need to go until 4 a.m. here’s their number for your convenience: (928) 208-3376There a bunch of shuttle services as well that are all over the place and cheap. We also have Uber in Lake Havasu as well.
Make a good call and hired a designated captain for your party crew. These guys are no judgment, no shaming boat drivers who make sure everyone has a good time. You can call here for further details: 928-486-5782.
Dedicated private security teams routinely patrol the area, and they work closely with Havasu PD to ensure everyone has a good time.
Same answer as above. No, their job is to make sure peeps don't get hurt or hurt someone else. Keep your cool, party hard, don't drive or boat drunk, no violence, don't trash property, no problem.
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