Why Do I Need to Book My Spring Break Trip NOW
By AZ Spring Break Administratior

Why I Need to Book My Spring Break Trip NOW

"Why do I want to book my spring break trip now", you ask? We know. It's an understandable question. Christmas just happened, New Years is literally a couple of days away. Why would you think about planning your Spring Break trip while the chill is in the air where you are, there may be snow as well, and the ski slopes are just getting started in their season? You might have a legitimate question...BUT-

In reality if you are thinking it's too early to be planning your Spring Break, you could be in for a costly surprise. Most Spring Break travel is booked in early February (approx 70%). This is problematic for most because this is when most properties raise their rates and when all of the

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Fun at AZ Spring Break 2017
By AZ Spring Break Administratior

CYA Tips for Spring Breakers

Spring Break is just around the corner and even though you are most likely going to try your hardest to lose your mind, take account of the following tips to ensure you can return home in one piece. We want you to come back time and time again, so here they are:

1. Don’t be stupid in the lake.
If you are going to be in or around the lake, know the rules. Items like no glass bottles, boaters stay to the right, watch your wake, do dive in shallow water, don’t drink and boat, etc. will keep you out of any potential trouble. Yes, we know you know, but it’s just a reminder.

2. Protect your location on social media sites.
Sharing too much information on your location on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Snap Chat, or Instagram may endanger your safety, warns the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. Adjust your privacy settings and use your best judgment when checking in. Be cautious about revealing personal information and location through status updates or tweets with Twitter trends like #AZSpringBreak and #AZSB.

3. Create a code word.
Create a secret signal or code word to let your friends know when you are uncomfortable and need them to intervene. When Read more “CYA Tips for Spring Breakers”

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