We are working with you to stop the spread of COVID-19

On March 19th, the CDC along with our Governor, County, City Representatives, and Local Health Professionals expressed further urgency in stopping the spread of COVID-19.  We support this measure and as a gathering place and day/nightclub, we are stopping service for the next 2 weeks and are presuming the ability to open for business again on around the beginning of April.

With this in mind, Kokomo will reopen as soon as possible and will continue following all public health guidelines, safety protocols, and best practices put in in place by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,  Mohave County Department of Public Health, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) who have issued guidance for businesses for COVID-19 that include tips for preventing the spread of the virus and steps to reduce workers’ risk of exposure.

We are looking forward to seeing you healthy and in good spirits really soon!