AZ Spring Break has listed our three favorite free gas-finder apps that help college students find the best gasoline prices!

These apps also offer free gas, prizes and a phone number for each station, just in case you run out of gas and need a ride!

Drive safe and be sure not to text and drive or use apps while driving.  If you’re looking for the absolute best price, these apps can help save you money at the pump. Try them before you head to Lake Havasu for Spring Break!

Remember, local prices can vary by a quarter per gallon that’s about $4 per fill-up!  AZ Spring Break’s three favorite free gas-finder apps are:

GasBuddy –

GasBuddy uses crowdsourcing to report the gas price data, which helps other users, building a community which reports gas prices. GasBuddy will tell you the average reported price for gas as you drive to Lake Havasu.  It’s a handy app for making comparisons and the stations are listed or plotted on a map; you can get directions and phone numbers and also rate the stations.

You can also earn points on GasBuddy to acquire tickets for free drawings and they give away free gas every day!

Fuelzee –

The reason why we like Fuelzee for college students is because there are daily contests, and you earn points toward rewards by reporting prices (and leaving comments).

Weekly and daily contests for cash, food, snacks, and other prizes will help keep your spring break budget on track!

Waze –

This is a crowdsourced navigation app lets you know how much you’ll pay for gas as you travel, and it can direct you to the cheapest gas station.  By navigating to partner gas stations, the app offers “Waze-only” deals.

Waze also includes law enforcement traps on your way to Lake Havasu Spring Break, closed roads and accidents on local roads. Users also gain points for adding new data to Waze to redeem for merchandise.

Your smartphone can be a powerful tool to help you save on gas prices and these apps can help you find the cheapest way to fill up your tank and make your Spring Break a cheaper one!

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